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5 Superfoods That Keep Your Heart Pumping for a Long Time

5 Superfoods That Keep Your Heart Pumping for a Long Time

By Kate superfoods

You know what’s terrifying?

According to a 2017 report from the American Heart Association, heart disease is responsible for around 800,000 deaths in the United States.

Super scary, huh?

Heart disease is a serious issue, something not to be taken lightly. Fortunately, nature has provided us with plenty of options to avoid heart disease. There are even other ways that you can protect not just your heart, but your entire body as well. It doesn’t cost much, it’s completely safe and natural, and it’s so easy to prepare.

Interested? Stick around to find out what I mean.

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s first discuss the superfoods. Below are some of the most effective ones you can try out.

Acai Berry

Just like red wine, the acai berry has antioxidants called anthocyanins, and these clear harmful LDL cholesterol from the artery walls, thereby lowering the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

These berries also possess plant sterols that support circulation, relax blood vessels, and improve the overall blood composition.

Gum Acacia

The fiber content in gum acacia improves heart health by decreasing blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels. It’s also effective in lowering high blood pressure.

Adding gum acacia into your daily diet will ensure that you get the daily recommended amount of fiber. Note that a diet that’s high in fiber helps lower blood cholesterol as well as decreases the risk of heart disease.

Barley Grass

Barley grass is credited for maintaining heart health. ONe helpful compound is beta-glucan soluble fiber, which has coronary heart disease risk reduction properties.

Also, barley grass effectively lowers cholesterol, thus  reducing the risk of heart attacks and stroke. It keeps good blood flowing smoothly, and this prevents blood clots. It’s also known to be effective in lowering high blood pressure.


Alfalfa sprouts are effective in reducing the levels of lipids in the blood. Having a lesser lipid count reduces symptoms of coronary heart disease due to high cholesterol levels.

The regular intake of this herb lowers blood pressure and balances hormones. Also, it effectively prevents atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries.


Flaxseed has a number of compounds that all work together to make sure your ticker keeps going and going. For one, it has a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Its fiber content also lowers LDL cholesterol levels.

A study also shows that flaxseed prevents the progression of atherosclerotic plaques, which causes sudden blockage in the arteries.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s great that there are certain food you can eat to protect your heart and prevent disease.

But does it really take all that? Do you really have to spend quite a bit in order to purchase each of those superfoods? Are you ready to set off some precious time in order to ready meals or drinks that make use of these superfoods? Do you really have to do some of your own research and read up on recipes that make use of these superfoods?

The answer is a loud and resounding NO!

That’s right!

This is where Life Essentials comes in.

Life Essentials is a brand-new drink that contains all 5 of the amazing superfoods mentioned above, as well as many others. All 14 superfoods found in this blend all work together to give our bodies every essential vitamin, mineral, and other nutrients necessary for optimum health.

Just one scoop a day of this amazing drink ensures a healthier, happier, better life. And if you take it daily, for sure your body will be protected from all kinds of diseases—including heart disease.