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About Us

Mission Statement

In keeping with the trust that God has placed in us, we at the Heart Disease Prevention and Training Center, shall By the GRACE OF GOD, strive to serve with EXCELLENCE, RESPECT, LOVE, and COMPASSION, by providing QUALITY CARE and TRAINING to those who come to us, with all the resources available to us.

Our Values

LEAD with excellence; Service with a smile!

L– Love and treat all as you would like to be treated.
E– Educate ALL especially the patients about their illnesses and diseases preventive measures.
A– Advocate Spiritual purity as an essential element to good health
D– Devote time to thank God and pray for ourselves, patients, company vision, and all.

Our Vision

To be known as a Christian Health Care Team WHO CARES by providing high quality health services that demonstrate responsiveness to the health and spiritual need and desires of those, we serve with the understanding that God is the ultimate healer. We provide Quality Healthcare for ALL. We are designed for the purpose of a healthier Nation!

Medical Team

As a medical team, OUR APPROACH TO CARE must always espouse:

Serve with a smile. All patients and students are our customers!
We will be flexible on our efforts to meet and anticipate the individual needs for those we serve.
We must provide excellent service at all time.
We partner with our patients and others to prevent and cure illnesses.

We will coordinate our efforts to meet and anticipate the individual needs for those we serve.
We place high values on working together as a TEAM. One team with one unifying goal, i.e. to serve God through a health care and teaching ministry

We will choose and develop health care members who are God fearing, technically proficient, truthful and responsive to human needs.

Quality Care, patient safety, education, and disease prevention are our key goals. As a service-oriented corporation, ALL our “customers” must be respected. No confrontation or disrespect to any person or patients is permitted at any time. We must serve ALL people professionally and with a smile. We will always strive to exceed our customers’ expectation.

We must observe all HIPPA Regulation and other applicable rules wherever we serve.