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Maryland Disability Consultative Examinations

Maryland Disability Consultative Examinations

Dr. Ezeugwu,

I am writing to you from the Medical Relations Office at Maryland DDS. I am tasked with reviewing the reports from our new providers who perform consultative examinations for disability applicants.  I am happy to share with you that I have reviewed a sample of your reports and I have found that they are truly outstanding.  In addition to my reviews, our in-house physicians have also reviewed a sample of your reports.  They gave you high marks as well.

I can tell that you take the time to get background information and learn the personal history of each claimant. You list the evidence that we have shared with you in advance of the examination.  You provide a thorough physical exam and do an excellent job of noting details specific to each claimant’s cardiac condition. Your reports are internally consistent and give the reviewer a nice “picture” of the claimant.  As you know, our staff does not have the opportunity to actually “see” the claimants except through the eyes of our consultative doctors.  Therefore, we appreciate your detailed exams as they really help us as we make our determinations here at DDS.

The only area of concern that I’d like to bring to your attention is our interest in how the claimant arrived.  A short statement about whether they arrived on their own, with a family member, took public transportation, a cab, etc. would be appreciated.  Otherwise, please accept my thanks for a job well done!



Maryland Disability Consultative Examinations